The New Celebrity Must-have – An Armour-plated Car That Delivers Electric Shocks!

The £200,000 Escalade is capable of withstanding bullets, bombs and chemical attacks

EDT Celebrity chef dabbles in Scotch $200 whisky from the man famous for $32 burgers Want to see how this story relates to your watchlist? Just add items to create a watchlist now: Add The Dalmore Selected by Daniel Boulud The bottle: The Dalmore Selected by Daniel Boulud , $200 The backstory: We have celebrity chef-branded cookware. And celebrity chef-branded frozen pizza. Heck, theres even a celebrity chef-endorsed antacid . So, why not have a single-malt Scotch that bears a celebrity chefs name? That was the thinking when The Dalmore, a whiskey with roots going back to 1839, partnered with French-born, New York-based chef Daniel Boulud on this limited-release bottle (just 1,000 will be made available, sold through high-end wine and liquor stores as well as eventually through the chefs online store ). Even though he keeps busy running 14 restaurants around the globe, serving a $32 braised rib and foie gras burger, among other dishes, Boulud was actively involved in creating the spirit, working with Dalmore master distiller Richard Paterson on selecting specific barrels to create the final blend, which includes whiskies aged up to 18 years. (But its a mistake to call the final product a blend since all the whisky in it originates from a single distillery.) I wanted a generous, full-bodied whisky, but with aromas of caramel and also some candied orange and toasted praline, says Boulud. Um, who says Frenchmen drink only Cognac? Key stat: Click to Play Daniel Boulud tries his hand at Scotch After months of working with the renowned distillers at The Dalmores, chef Daniel Boulud is offering a bespoke single malt based on the cuisine of his restaurants. Charles Passy joins the News Hub for Weekend Sip.

Love-cheat golfer Tiger Woods is also understood to have one of the firms armoured cars, which is presumably more than capable of withstanding a sustained attack from an angry wife wielding a nine-iron. Mel B who is a judge on Americas Got Talent and has been co-hosting NBCs Today show and her producer husband Stephen Belafonte have opted for a traditional family-friendly interior to suit the lifestyles of her daughters Phoenix, Angel, Madison and stepdaughter Giselle. Mr Forston said: I delivered it to their house in Beverly Hills. They are very good people. We all went for a test drive so they knew how to use all the different options. Her husband is a big car guy. She drove it for a while and on the right side. Its pretty much the standard leather interior. Theyve got kids so are pretty down to earth about things. From the outside, these cars are virtually indistinguishable from the standard models but have been stripped down to the frame and rebuilt with armour and hi-tech gadgets. In a country where guns are part of the fabric of day-to-day life I carry a gun in my pocket every day: were in Texas, says Mr Forston customers can specify a special gun-port through which to shoot at attackers on the outside. And Texas Armoring clearly has supreme confidence in its product. Man gets to shoot his boss with AK-47 In an astonishing video on the firms website which comes with a dont try this at home health warning president and chief executive Trent Kimball is seen crouching behind a sheet of the companys bullet-proof glass while a young employee shoots at him with an AK-47.

Fallen celebrity lawyer busted for choking girlfriend: Prosecutors

By Dareh Gregorian / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, September 30, 2013, 1:26 PM Dominic Barbara in a mug shot released by Nassau County Police on December 4, 2012. Related Stories Kansas teenager, 14, murdered mom and sister by setting fire to family home: cops Fallen celebrity lawyer Dominic Barbara was arrested late Sunday night for choking his girlfriend, authorities said. Barbara, whose clients have included the likes of “Long Island Lolita” lover Joey Buttafuoco, was charged with criminal obstruction of breathing for the attack, which authorities said happened on Aug 23. According to a criminal complaint filed by the Nassau County District Attorney’s office, Barbara, 57, got into an argument with the woman at his Williston Park home before it became physical. Barbara “put his hands around the victim’s neck and applied pressure, causing the victim’s breathing to become completely obstructed and the victim to be in fear for her life,” the complaint said. It’s unclear why the unidentified victim waited so long to file a complaint. RELATED: FALLEN CELEBRITY LAWYER DOMINIC BARBARA FACES STALKING, BLACKMAIL CHARGES Barbara represented himself at his arraignment on Monday morning, and pleaded not guilty. He was released without bail, and ordered to return back to court on Oct. 7. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted in the choking case but he has other legal problems on the horizon as well. Barbara, who in his heyday drove a Bentley, wore $1,000 suits and was a regular on Howard Stern’s radio show, is currently awaiting trial on charges he tried to blackmail his wife for $200,000.