New York Post Exclusive: Bill De Blasio Overcame Father’s Suicide

Mark Sanchez-New York Jets marriage ending in fitting fashion

our editor recommends New York Film Festival 2013: 13 Movies to Know The intense film, which stars Tom Hanks as the titular captain of a U.S. container ship that was hijacked off the Somali coast in 2009, was introduced with great fanfare — highlighted by the attendance of not only Greengrass, Hanks and the film’s principal Somali actors, but also Capt. Richard Phillips himself (before whom Hanks knelt to kiss his hand), a number of the men who worked alongside him on the MV Maersk Alabama and several uniformed U.S. Navy personnel who came to his rescue aboard the USS Bainbridge. FILM REVIEW: Captain Phillips At its conclusion, the film received a prolonged ovation — which turned into a standing ovation once a spotlight was placed on Greengrass and the Somali actors in a box above the rest of the audience (Hanks had to leave early) — from a crowd that included Sony Classics co-chiefs Michael Barker and Tom Bernard; the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Argo Chris Terrio, who’s writing a script for Greengrass now; and the Oscar-nominated actress Marianne Jean-Baptiste, who starred in Greengrass’ 1999 TV film The Murder of Stephen Lawrence; and writer-director James Toback. The general sentiment among New Yorkers at the screening and the Harvard Club after-party — at which Greengrass and particularly the Somali actors were the center of attention — was that the film has a strong shot at scoring a best picture Oscar nomination and an even stronger shot at bringing Hanks his first acting Oscar nom in 13 years, particular for his work during the final minutes of the film, which left much of the audience in tears. Rose Kuo, the executive director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, noted during her pre-screening remarks that the fest seems to have a thing for movies about men experiencing problems aboard boats: last year’s edition opened with the world premiere of Life of Pi and this year’s, in addition to opening with Captain Phillips, will include a screening of All Is Lost, another example of the sub-genre. This was also the second New York Film Festival opening night screening in the last four years to come courtesy of Sony Pictures and producers Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti and Michael DeLuca, whose last collaboration was the 2010 film The Social Network, which went on to be nominated for eight Oscars and won three. Other recent openers have included About Schmidt (2002), Mystic River (2003), Good Night, and Good Luck (2005) and The Queen (2006), which all went on to receive major Academy recognition, as well. This is the first New York Film Festival in 26 years that was not coordinated by Richard Pena. He was succeeded at the end of last year’s fest by Kent Jones.

New York City Facing a Caregiving Crisis

MetLife annually awards the hardware to the winner of the preseason bout between the two tenants of the stadium bearing the insurance company’s name. And Ryan inexplicably inserted Sanchez into the second half of that preseason game, behind second- and third-string offensive linemen who would not even make the Jets ‘ roster, against defensive players desperate to make an impact. Because this is the Jets , the ridiculously predictable happened: Sanchez was hit by a Giants player who did not even make their team, suffering what turned out to be the torn labrum that will have ended Sanchez’s stint in New York. The Jets have never admitted it was a mistake to put Sanchez into that situation — they were trying to win the game, Ryan laughably insisted — but Ryan’s shell-shocked visage that night, with Snoopy bearing witness, told the real tale. That was the night Ryan turned sideways during his press conference , but he knew by then that his season had just been turned upside down. His rookie quarterback wasn’t ready, his veteran had suffered a significant injury and he was stuck with a mess of the Jets ‘ own creation with his job on the line. That the Jets are 2-2 with Smith does not excuse how poorly they handled Sanchez. However the season turns out, however Ryan and general manager John Idzik emerge from the morass of penalties and turnovers, it will be a black mark on the 2013 New York Jets . Would this team have gone to the Super Bowl with Sanchez under center? No. But make no mistake: Sanchez almost certainly was going to be the starter after Smith melted down in that preseason game, and you don’t need an MRI to read the results of the Jets ‘ confounding decision-making now that the season is a month old. The Jets barely have escaped with victories against similarly limited and undisciplined teams.

Captain Phillips

It turns out the father of Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio, Warren Wilhem, committed suicide in 1979 after divorcing de Blasios mother and struggling with late-stage terminal cancer. Bill de Blasio has said relatively little about his absent fathera Yale graduate whose life went into a tailspin after his brutal military service in World War II sparked heavy drinking. But public records uncovered by The Post show that his dads life didnt just turn tragic in the decades after he lost part of his leg in the Battle of Okinawait ended tragically as well. On a July morning in 1979, Warren Wilhelm was found with a self-inflicted gun wound in a parked car outside the Rocky River Motel in New Milford, Conn. Did you know that fact about Bill de Blasio? Now you know that fact about Bill de Blasio. The New York Posts right-leaning editorial brain trust, or the opposition research stooges who almost certainly planted it, want to make sure you know it. But why? The more we learn about the candidate from the Post, the more mysteries emergejust not about the candidate. Today’s news reminds us of what we really don’t know: 1) Whether the Post, a voluminous conduit of would-be negative de Blasio scoops (e.g., his college yearbook picture, WHICH MAYBE INDICATES HE SMOKED POT ), understands that depicting de Blasio as a person who managed to succeed in life despite the tragic, violent death of his World War II veteran father can only further boost public favor of the candidate; 2) Whether the Post realizes that tagging a story about the tragic death of de Blasios father as an EXCLUSIVE is not only false but also almost unbelievably morbid; 3) Whether the thought of an unprofitable vanity tabloid claiming sole credit for the painful memory of a parents tragic, violent death even slightly disturbed a single Post editors conscience; 4) What this has to do with the New York City mayoral race; 5) What this has to do with absolutely anything. [Photo: New York Post]

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