London Police Should Stop Targeting Western Students

Models portray Adam and Eve at the Genesis-themed opening of London’s JW3 Jewish community center on Sept. 29. (Blake Ezra Photography)

All that space requires a paying customer base, and for the past two years, JW3s staff of 45 has been working to build one. A huge banner that says JW3 The New Postcode for Jewish Life hangs from the buildings facade. Simonson, a chummy Londoner who takes pride in his ginger facial hair (his Twitter handle is FatSideburns), aims to enroll 60,000 members the first year at a cost of $72 annually. JW3 has limited cash reserves, so if JW3 fails to attract a significant amount of paying members, Simonson says the organization will run out of money in about two years. Twenty-five years ago, I would have been very pessimistic, but a corner has been turned, said Geoffrey Alderman, an expert on British Jewry at the University of Buckingham. There is no doubt that there is a cultural renaissance within Anglo Jewry at the moment. Exhibit A of the Anglo renaissance is Simonsons own Limmud, which started 30 years ago as a professional forum for teachers and now draws thousands of participants to a Jewish learning festival each December. Beyond that there is Londons Jewish Book Week, which grew from a small get-together into a nine-day festival with appearances by best-selling novelists held at the spacious Royal National Hotel. The U.K. Jewish Film Festival breaks attendance records annually, according to organizers. And then there is the London Jewish Cultural Centre, a highbrow institution and lecture forum with an annual membership fee of $2,000 meaning it caters to a more select clientele. An artists rendering of the new JW3 Jewish community center in London. There is scarcely a single British university that doesnt offer at least one course related to Jewish studies, Alderman said. This is unprecedented. But while the proliferation of options suggests that British Jews have an appetite for cultural offerings, it also means JW3 will have some serious competition as it tries to inject itself into an already crammed Jewish calendar.

Vikings Blog: An American Football Fan In London

I told him to save his money and come over in a couple years when the new stadium is built. Hell appreciate it more. As you know by now, Minnesota ended up defeating Pittsburgh 34-27. After the game I had a chance to talk to a couple of the players about what it was like playing over in London. I enjoyed it over here, Vikings Defensive End Jared Allen said. Its tough being away from my family and the routine is a little different, but sometimes that can be a good distraction. Maybe this was the break we needed. Chad Greenway added by saying, I loved the idea of the flags waving in the stands. We need to add that to the Metrodome. No player enjoyed being in London more than Greg Jennings, who caught his first two touchdowns as a member of the Minnesota Vikings. I like playing in London, he said, I think its impressive what the fans do and the love the city gave us. Jennings also added that he thinks there will be a team here in London someday. I spent all of Monday walking around London and there were still pockets of fans wearing NFL team apparel throughout the city. The Vikings fans that I did see seemed to have an extra spring in their step. I guess getting your first win of the season will do that.

The teams coach told the London Free Press he and Gow plan to fight the ticket. That wont surprise anyone. What will is that this fine was just one of 270 issued during Saturdays celebration. The number might seem high to outsiders but students here are used to the annual ticketing blitz know as Project LEARN (Liquor Enforcement and Reduction of Noise), when party, noise and litter bylaws are strictly enforced for the first month of classes. Many students, myself included, think the campaign targets us unfairly. Normally, if the music from a house party is too loud, a neighbour will call and request police intervention. During Project LEARN, police patrol student residential areas sniffing out noisy parties that nobody complains about. Westerns University Students Council is looking for alternative. Project LEARN assumes that all students lose control, causing harm to ourselves and others. But contrary to popular opinion, young people have a great capacity to act responsibly. We take care of friends who may have had too much to drink. Most respect our neighbours. If theres a problem, we should be able to ask for the polices help, not their tickets. Its the exceptional incidentslike last years riot near Fanshawe College, that popularize the image of the crazy Western students but that riot had little to do with us.